customer feedback

2018 Annual Feedback Questionnaire

  1. Are you happy with your package of care?
  2. Are your carers friendly and helpful?
  3. Do you feel you need more time during visits?
  4. Are the office staff helpful and courteous?
  5. Have you read your care plan?
  6. Do you think your care plan reflects the care provided?
  7. Did you know that we can supply home helps?
  8. Do you feel confident making a complaint?
  9. Do you know the complaints procedure if you are not happy with the service?
  10. Would you like a weekly surgery implemented where complaints can be aired?
  11. Are you happy to be on our recruitment panel?
  12. Please score your care service out of 10.
  13. What can we do better?

General comments:

  • Generally shows a high level of satisfaction (8.4 out of 10)
  • More support will be given to those uncertain about careplans and processes.
  • Needs and visit durations are currently being reassessed
  • There is very little interest to participate in recruitment or attend weekly meetings


Suggestions for improvements:

  • Consistency of carers especially when regular carers are off
  • Consistency of visit times
  • More calls to let us know of any changes
  • Preference for a different visit time
  • Some carers could be in less of a rush


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